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Out of Time Panfandom at Insane Journal

It’s a quiet little valley, surrounded by immense peaks on all sides. There’s a sleepy village, a small lake, and a smattering of forest. It’s so quiet at night, you can hear the wolves call in the dark. It’s a small civilization, which survived the pass of time relatively unscathed. The air is fresh and clean, cool in the evening, warming up as the sun passes between the kiss of mountain crests into the window of open sky.

It all seems rustic and mundane, safe. Mundane, that is, except for the small automatons that run the supermarket and diner, or the lack of what one might call a population.  It’s almost too quiet. But you’re here now, plucked from your life, and dropped into a very pleasant bed where you wake up, without any recollection of what happened between the last time you were awake and now.

Just what are you going to do about it?

Game opens August 1st!

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