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Harry Potter: A New Beginning

Twenty four years have passed since the fall of the Dark Lord and everything seems peaceful in the magical community. Harry and Ron have revolutionized the Auror Department, while Hermione has become very well respected in the department of Magical Law Enforcement. In the words of Rowling the trio had "made a new world", one where their children would seemingly be safe.

Everything seems peaceful and perfect, but what if it honestly isn't? What if trouble is slowly beginning to brew in the magical community?

Twenty-four years ago Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord and destroyed almost all of the horcruxes. All save for one, the one horcrux that the Dark Lord hadn't honestly intended to make. Harry Potter, himself.

Now twenty-four years later mysterious things are beginning to happen. Muggle borns, as well as halfbloods are beginning to disappear from Hogwarts and what is left of the Death eaters are escaping Azkaban prison. The Deatheaters are gathering once again, believing that the Dark Lord will rise like a dark phoenix from the ashes. They await A New Beginning.

A New Beginning is based entirely on the Harry Potter films. rather than just the books. We've also decided to make this rp an AU, we believe that this will leave you a bit more room to wiggle your toes and flesh out your characters since everything, except for the seven movies, isn't set in stone. So it honestly doesn't matter rather you've watched the movies or have enjoyed both the books and films in their own right. As long as you wish to frolic among the stone walls of Hogwarts, we're here to accept you with open arms.
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